How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be a challenge. Brushing, flossing, getting regular cleanings, using protective mouthwash, and avoiding damaging foods and other treats can help keep your mouth clean and healthy. While your dentist has probably told you to brush and floss daily, they probably didn’t give you much information about the type of products to use.

When you think about a grocery store, the two most stressful aisles are the toothpaste and shampoo aisles. With so many different types of these products, it is hard to know which is best for your hair and teeth. Should you choose the shampoo that is great for hydrating or volumizing hair? Should you pick the toothpaste with whitening properties or tartar protection? Unfortunately we don’t know a lot about hair, but we do know quite a bit about teeth and dental health!


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But for now, we are going to talk about what to look for in your toothpaste, which to avoid, and what toothpaste to go with for specific needs! Read on to learn more about toothpaste. We know, it is super exciting!


The Important Ingredients

There are many different important ingredients in toothpaste. These are the ingredients that help to keep your mouth clean, sanitized, and healthy. mentions abrasive agents, such as silicates, paired with the movement of your hand when brushing your teeth can help to scrub the bacteria and plaque building up on your teeth. Most big brands will have abrasive agents included in their toothpaste. The detergent found in toothpaste also has a purpose. This is the ingredient that causes your toothpaste to foam and works by breaking down the anything that does not break down from the liquids in your mouth.

Fluoride may be the most important ingredient. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps protect your teeth by strengthening tooth enamel, making them less susceptible to cracking or chipping. This can help keep your teeth healthy when sugars and starches are left on your teeth. Sugary drinks and other drinks and foods that stain your teeth weaken you enamel, the article mentions that fluoride helps stop this and reverse the process of tooth decay. Fluoride is important to have in your toothpaste—be sure to purchase toothpaste with fluoride in it when you are making your selection.

Seal of Approval

When shopping the endless aisle of toothpaste, you want to make sure the one you select has the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Acceptance on it. An article from Prevention says that the ADA seal is the first thing you should look for. This seal shows that the toothpaste has been through rigorous tests, is a quality and effective product, and has ingredients that actually work. Making sure you have quality toothpaste can be as easy as looking for the ADA seal. Generic toothpastes will never have the seal of acceptance and should be avoided.


What to Use

There are many different toothpastes that can help you with many different needs. If you want a toothpaste that helps remove stains from your teeth, look for products with modified silicone abrasives, these can help keep your smile whiter. If you are trying to avoid cavities, fluoride is a great solution. While your toothpaste should contain fluoride either way, the toothpastes with the ADA seal that claim to be anti-cavity can help to keep the cavities away! If you have tartar building up, toothpastes with pyrophosphates or zinc citrate can help to keep tartar from hardening on your teeth.

There is a lot to know about toothpaste, and not all toothpaste can give you the results you want, but what truly matters is your brushing techniques. The way you brush your teeth will have a bigger effect on your teeth than the toothpaste you use! In our next blog, we will go over the proper brushing techniques and other dental health tips!

For now, good luck finding the right toothpaste. If you need additional help or would like to make an appointment with us, contact Brookside Dental Care today. We can help you with all of your dental needs and help you get the healthy and beautiful smile you want.